Zanzibar’s Cheetah’s Rock a unique place for animals? Not quite say conservationists

For most holidaymakers and thrill seekers, Zanzibar is famously known for its clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and ancient bazaars.

However, Cheetah’s Rock, the newest attraction on the island has some wildlife conservationists up in arms.

They are using social media to express their disapproval of the attraction.

“This is not making sense to me as a conservationist. This is clearly milking uneducated tourists !!!,” says a post on Tanzania for Wildlife Facebook page.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if the cats are from South Africa breeders. Be interested to find out… But this needs to be stopped for sure. Totally irresponsible tourism and certainly not what Zanzibar needs,” reads another post from concerned group’s member. 

The Facebook group is also considering filing a petition to close down the animal confinement, which is  located on Zanzibar’s west coast, north of Stone Town. 

However, on the Cheetah’s Rock website homepage, it says: 

Cheetah’s Rock is a unique, very special place where people and animals interact directly – face to face, eye to eye. We are not a zoo, nor a wildlife sanctuary – We are something completely different.

Our animals include our handsome cheetah Tyson, growing white Lion Aslan (born March 2014), our talented zebra Chaka and many others.

It is not known if this kind of animal captivity and close interaction with wild animals is allowed in Zanzibar. 




Source: A Once in a (Wild-) Lifetime Experience

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