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Zanzibar Soccer Dreams chosen as the Closing Night Film at CSFF

Zanzibar elite womens soccer club the Women Fighters FC


Closing Night Films: Zanzibar Soccer Dreams & Boxing for Freedom


Tanzania/UK, 2016, documentary, 63 min, dir: Florence Ayisi & Catalin Brylla

Sunday, May 22, 2016 | 7:30 PM | WORLD PREMIERE | TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX

Eight years after the inaugural Canadian Sport Film Festival hosted the Canadian premiere of Zanzibar Soccer Queens, CSFF is proud to present the world premiere of its sequel. The new film highlights the progress achieved by women determined to play soccer on the island and their transition from social outcasts to ambassadors for Zanzibar. Yet, even as the school system is allowing girls to play soccer, stereotyping, religious, gender, and cultural challenges remain.


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