Will you be using social media to convey your opinion during Kenyan election?

You are being warned Kenyans!


The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) wants you to use the social media platforms responsibly, so not to bring about chaos during the elections due to taking place in August later this year.

If CA message is not heeded, they could shut down the entire Internet in the East African nation.

Baraka Jefwa reports:

As the country approaches the General Election in 2017, the Communications Authority of Kenya has cautioned citizens from misusing their communication platforms, to bring about chaos during the election period, because unrest may lead to the government taking drastic precautions such as shutting down the internet.

This was discussed during a press briefing where the CA was issuing a statement on the expected behavior from broadcasters with respect to election coverage. Responding to the question of how the CA would regulate social media users the authority’s DG, Francis Wangusi said: “we are in a position, now, to be able to do social media monitoring, which I may not delve into the details, but I will use this opportunity to caution,”

“We can assure you we are not going to shut down the internet. We are using all sorts of means possible not to reach a level where the country is in tension and forces us to take a drastic step. We don’t believe it is our intention that we are going to deter people from communication, and that is why we called you in order to be able to start alerting you on how we can fairly, all of us, be able to freely communicate these issues without having to bring about tension,” wangusi added.

“There are sometimes where tension is too high, the government may decide to take an action and that is for the purpose of protecting the people of Kenya. But I can assure you for us at the communications Authority, we have put mechanisms in place to ensure that Kenyan’s peacefully go through this electioneering period,” he added.

Some of the mechanisms the CA mentioned include:

A Spectrum monitoring system which was installed last year, the system which cost Ksh 1.1 Billion will help the CA to monitor communication even in rural areas.

A Social Media monitoring System which cost Ksh. 600 Million last year.

A device monitoring system that cost Ksh. 400 Million, the system will help the CA to monitor mobile phones.

The CA has also improved on its cyber security management system to curb cyber crime.

“At the onset, due recognition is given to the Constitution which provides for the right to freedom of expression.It also sets out limitations to exercising the right to freedom of expression, as it is unlawful to spread propaganda for war, incite violence and spread hate speech,” said, Ngene Gituku, Chairman of the Board, CA, Kenya.

Source: CIO-East Africa


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