Will motorist afford high tolls on the new Kigamboni Bridge

Much awaited modern Kigamboni Toll Bridge in Tanzania’s commercial capital Dar es Salaam is finally opened to the motorist.

The 680-meter-long Kigamboni Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in East Africa,  will be a huge relief to city’s motorist and from the gridlock, which has crippled the city center core and other major routes, especially to and from Julius Kambarage Nyerere International Airport.

Will the residents cum motorist afford to use the bridge. Will it ease the gridlock and eventually replace the ferry?

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3 Comments on “Will motorist afford high tolls on the new Kigamboni Bridge”

    1. The prices have yet to be set, so was putting out there for your government to be considerate and give motorist a break in these harsh economic times – vehicles and motorcycles will have to pay, pedestrians and bicycle will have free passage.

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