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Video of the Day: Mwl. Nyerere A.P Interview

Wide-ranging interview with President Nyerere incl. various shots of street and harbour scenes, Dar es Salaam, market traders, etc.

In this 1971 interview with Associated Press, the first president of Tanzania Julius Kambarage Nyerere. Talks candidly on number of issues including British arms sale to South Africa, role of military in African nations, quitting commonwealth and the influence of China in Africa. Also when you listen carefully you’ll realize, The fear of China by the West is not a new phenomenon that’s for sure.

This was Soon after Uganda’s Milton Obote was overthrown by Field Marshal Idd Amin and Nyerere seems not to retreat assigning blame to once Ugandan strongman.

He also talks candidly of possibility of a military coup and his possible assassination in Tanzania of that time.

He had interesting things to say about Canada as well.

Watch it now…

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