Varda Arts: Thank you, Mr. DJ for ‘not’ playing our songs!


Varda Arts says Tanzania not doing enough for country’s talented pool of musicians.

In the wake of the release of their new song ‘Hapa Kazi tu,’ Varda Arts, the popular boy band in the 1980’s in Tanzania, has slammed the government and other stakeholders over East African nation’s treatment of its musicians.

“We have examples of how great artistes of our time died poor, humiliated, unsung and forgotten! Tanzania is a land of talents! The need is for the Ministry concerned to honor and financially facilitate local artistes instead of concentrating on Football!,” says the group, on their Youtube Channel

The music group renowned for its fusion of Swahili and Bollywood style of music is also concerned about the lack of loyalties for the East African nation.

“Varda Arts do not compromise with DJs and that is why our songs are not heard over radios and our fans think “Bendi imepotea!” Continues the post on Varda Arts Youtube Channel

In 1980’s when the Indo-Tanzanian music scene in the country was in its peak. When every Saturday night music parties by local musicians and singers, serenaded the audiences with Bollywood oldies until the wee hours of the morning.

It was at this time when multi-talented family of musician father, the boys who brought us hits such as ‘Maridadi sana’ and other including political songs in praises of Tanzania and its leadership of the time, burst into the scene with their unique style of music adored by many until today.

‘Hapa Kazi Tu,’ translated ‘work Only’ a slogan by newly elected Tanzania President, JP Magufuli, is the latest Varda Arts gift to all music lovers inside and outside of Tanzania.


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