@ the launch of ‘NOSTALGIA’ by M. G. Vassanji.

M. G. Vassanji was born in Kenya and raised in Tanzania. The focus of Vassanji’s work is the situation of East African Indians. Vassanji has been nominated for the Giller Prize for best work of fiction in Canada three times, winning twice. He has also been awarded the Commonwealth Regional Prize (Africa), and the Governor-General’s Prize for nonfiction. PHOTO By MSIMULIZI


It was a fascinating evening at the Toronto Ismaili Center @ the launch of ‘NOSTALGIA’ by M. G. Vassanji.
When I read Vassanji’s previous work: Home is Kariakoo, Gunny Sack, Uhuru Street it triggered lots of memories of growing up in Dar. Memories that I will always cherish and would not trade them with anything.Good and not so good.
However, In his latest novel ‘Nostalgia’ Vassanji, who is also a Physicist has his readers flabbergasted with the idea of erasing our memories – As we strive for immortality and almost getting there!! (surely people are living longer, at least in the West) he says the mind renewal is not a far fetch reality.
“Even if the brain allowed such capacity, who would want to be burdened by quantities of redundant, interfering memories? Painful and messy ones” – Moyez S Vassanji
As we rejuvenate our bodies with botox, plastic surgery, face-lifts and other methods why not also have ability to go to the doctor and ask him’her erase our memories. How does New memories in a new bodies sound?

Would you want to erase your memory and start a new,?

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