Tanzania’s CCM lure voters with Gujarati language lawn signs


There was no IMMEDIATE word from Canadian campaign trail, if any of Canadian political parties will follow suit anytime soon to lure Canadian South Asian voters.

Tanzanian ruling part CCM has now resort to campaign tactics never seen before used in country’s political campaign. Some of CCM candidates are flashing placards and lawn signs in gujarati and Hindi languages to lure substantial number of voters from country’s Indian community. In Canada this kind of marketing shrewdness is seen used by big banks, telephone companies and in sports, particularly ice hockey.

No word if any of Canadian political parties that are campaigning for the general elections, at the moment will follow suit. Maybe they should what you think? leave us a comment.



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    2 Comments on “Tanzania’s CCM lure voters with Gujarati language lawn signs”

    1. That is curious isn’t it?
      The political climate as it is. These posters luring the minority is history in making.
      Also we have seen Asians are in both the main CCM and CHADEMA parties contesting for seats!
      It is more evident that inclusion of the Asians in the nation’s socio-economic and political arena is being recognised to eliminate the stigma of judging individuals based on their ancestry and skin tone.

      This notion of umoja (unity) as professed by Mwalimu Nyerere, must prevail and all Tanzanians must be proud to defend and fight any notion or practice of racial marginalisation and there is no better time than now!

      Dar e salaam. Tanzania

      1. Indeed its history in the making. It also shows how political campaigns have evolve in Tanzania in just a short perod of time, that is the sign that democracy is finding a strong hold in East African country. There is election campaign going on here in Canada at the moment. I am sure they would love to get their hands on CCM campaign manager. Political shrewdness aside. I agree with you Tanzania is a beacon of light in that part of the world. Tanzanians should hold on close to the chest the lessons Mwalimu taught them.

        Thanks for your comment Ali

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