Opportunities in volunteering at upcoming sporting events

Have you ever wished that you could volunteer or intern at the Olympics or some other global sporting event?

Besides a chance to travel abroad for the chance to volunteer at  2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, and the 2017 European Women’s Football Championship in the Netherlands. There are two major sporting events taking place right here in Toronto in 2017.

Msimulizi is proud to spread the word to Torontonians, Canadians and indeed the entire world on the North American 2017 Indigenous Games (JULY 16-23, 2017) and The Invictus Games Toronto 2017 (September 23 – 30, 2017).

Here is how you can be part of the two events:

Join the Toronto 2017 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) and witness the unifying power of sport and culture. Apply today! (Employment) Apply today (Volunteer)



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