Obituary – Shailo: A Lost Gem

Shahir Premji (Shailo), a loyal friend, brother who always lit up  social gatherings he attended, has died after a short illness. He was 49 and had Cancer.

His friendly nature gained him many friends and no foes, a New Yorker for more than a decade. He looked forward to friends reunions and travelling to Dar es salaam, Tanzania, his birthplace.

While growing up in Dar es salaam, the multi-talented Shailo was a favourite of the young and the old, especially when it came to his amateur street performing acts. He would, for hours serenade his audience with his shayaris and ghazals.

No wonder Big apple choose Shailo as one of her sons. A fittingly perfect match.

When Shailo, his friends got scattered all over the world for one reason or another. He found their phone numbers and where they were in this planet.

Weekends were time for long-distance phone calls to most of his friends. He would call them in the middle of the night, he didn’t care if some of them were sleeping or trying to make newborn baby sleep. Nonetheless, many of his friends acknowledged his loyalty and the joy from his phone calls and his presence.

Surviving is one brother, Innayat of Dar es salaam.

The funeral is scheduled for Friday 8:30 am at Schwartz Brother Funeral Home 114-13 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills NY.

Family and friends are requesting any kind of donation towards their local Cancer association on Shailo’s behalf.

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2 Comments on “Obituary – Shailo: A Lost Gem”

  1. Shailo was a truly awesome brother and loyal friend.
    HE will be missed by many and his excellent spirit will live on in our hearts forever.

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