NDP team a clear choice for East African-Canadians

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair speaks to supporters during a campaign stop on Mount Royal Tuesday, August 4, 2015 in Montreal. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz
NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair speaks to supporters during a campaign stop on Mount Royal Tuesday, August 4, 2015 in Montreal. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Campaign diversions from the real issues like the wearing of niqab at Canadian citizenship and the tasteless remarks about the ‘Old Stock Canadians’ or Trudeau tongue twister, when he called Bloc leader ‘my love’ are over. The time to make a decision in the 2015 federal election has come.

Tom Mulcair the NDP is the clear and obvious choice for Canada and for East African-Canadians.

Of course, any election’s inventory must begin by comparing the records of the parties who want your vote. Yet, the result of such postmortem, while leaning favorably on NDP’s side of the scale, is not the primary reason for supporting them.

To clarify why, regardless of disagreements with NDP, an enthusiastic vote for NDP is recommended – We must first look beyond the party lines and their positions, and embark on a scrutiny of what are the stakes in this election for Canada and for East African-Canadians.

NDP’s promise to increase troops for the peacekeeping missions to the United Nation comes with a cost. An NDP government would develop a national cap and trade system that would impose a new tax. – These positions do not favour NDP in some quarters. Obviously, Canadian and East African community living in Canada are concerned, where the money will come from to pay for the increased role in peacekeeping. Canadians also deserve a tax break. NDP plan does not include a corporate tax cut. They do not need it.

“Canadians are paying their fair share, Canada’s largest corporations are not paying their fair share and yes we as the NDP will bring up their taxes slightly.” Mulcair said at one of leader’s debate.

Nevertheless, NDP’s social justice qualities are genuine and party’s willingness to work for the nations’s good is exemplary in today’s often smearing and damn-the-socialists politics.

The Vote for NDP means:
• Bringing in quality, affordable childcare.
• Strengthening our public health care system.
• Ensuring a cleaner environment by holding polluters accountable.
• Kick starting the economy and creating good jobs.
East African community and Canadians in general, worry about the increasing poverty and economic inequality in their communities.
Canadians value the public, accessible, affordable health care system that the NDP first created over 50 years ago. It’s a big part of what defines us as Canadians, and why Canadians chose Tommy Douglas as the Greatest Canadian.

 The NDP will work with the provinces, territories, Indigenous communities and stakeholders to conduct a review of existing income support programs for persons living with disabilities with a goal of coordinating benefits, increasing accessibility and improving the lives of persons living with disabilities.

• Helping working moms and dads with one million quality childcare spaces at no more than $15 a day.
• Giving parents an extra five weeks of parental leave.
• Cracking down on excessive ATM fees and ensuring Canadians can access a low interest credit card.
• Speeding up family reunification, specifically the reunion of children with their parents.
• Fast-tracking foreign credential recognition for immigrants.

 ATM fees at 50 cents a transaction and create a gasoline ombudsman to investigate complaints about prices at the pump.
As well, the party wants to bring in a mixed-member, proportional representation voting system and is committing to ensuring Canadians living abroad have the right to vote.
There is more, Liberal members of Parliament usually follow, the party line and often times, abstain from voting on important issues without conferring with their constituents.

There is no doubt the NDP team a clear choice for East African-Canadians
We recommend the NDP as the clear and obvious choice and the only party capable of defeating Harper.
For more read NDP platform here

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