Msimulizi Open Letter to East African-Canadian MP’s

Canada has power to prevent another refugee tragedy from happening, this time on the shores of East Africa.

With the disputed Zanzibar elections re run drawing close, the situation in many parts of the the East African Island continue to increasingly be volatile.
The images and other social media reports of deliberate arsons, vandalism and other criminal acts coming out of Zanzibar, have Zanzibari-Canadian community worried for the lives of their friends and loved ones back home.
The heavy presence of the military police on the streets of the 2,461 km² island, has not ease the situation, rather seem to have the islanders seek desperate outlets to protect their relatives and their own lives.
Including taking risk sailing on makeshift boats and dhows to flee, with the intent of seeking political asylum in neighbouring Kenya.
Msimulizi, the East African-Canadian Community news and information portal is based in Toronto,Canada. On behalf of the Zanzibari-Canadian community, friends of Zanzibar and all peace loving people, we request the recently elected East-African-Canadian MP’s:
To address the Zanzibar situation in the Canadian Parliament. So to ease worries of Zanzibar-Canadian by getting involved in the matter to find a lasting solution, which has dogged the Indian Ocean archipelago, which is part of United Republic of Tanzania for many years now.
Through our community’s Members of Parliament, we call upon Canadian government to immediately get involved diplomatically with the interested parties, including the new Tanzania head, President John Pombe Magufuli, who has disappointed many world political observers for his silence and nonchalant approach in finding peace between the Tanzania’s current ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi(CCM) and Zanzibar’s main opposition party the Civic United Front (CUF).
Zanzibari people are hard working, peace loving and friends of Canadians. They do not deserve the more uncertainty in their country, which is in a deep socio-economic quagmire prior to recent events in, once an island paradise on earth.
Their lives has been on hold since last October, when the election were annulled by the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC), despite the cry from foreign observers, including Canada, that the elections were fair and without hitch.
Zanzibari are desperate to move on with their daily activities of national building and taking care of their parents, grandparents and children.
As a stakeholder in the East African-Canadian community, it is our responsibility to bring to light community’s concerns to the Canadian public to prevent human tragedy similar to the Syrian people.
We do not want to see another human tragedy, traumatise images similar to that of drowned Ayan Kurdi on the 6’ O’clock and on social media.
It is our’s and our community’s hope that our newly elected MP’s will take this opportunity to stand firm with Zanzibari- Canadian community and assist people of Zanzibar to get back to their normal life.
Ahsante sana
Khalid Magram – Editor In Chief, Msimulizi, The Storyteller Media Production.

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