Msimulizi 1st annual Children Eid Party

In Canada, school children have dissent classrooms, comfortable chairs/desks and school supplies are readily available in bookstores. Have clean, private, easily accessible washroom.
However in other parts of the world like on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania, most school children sit on the dusty concrete floors or rocks making it uncomfortable to pay attention in the classroom. Often the classroom lacks blackboard, doors, and windows. School supplies are expensive for poor families to afford.
On this year’s occasion of Eid al-Fitr The Msimulizi – Storyteller is organizing, what we hope to be the first of many Children’s Eid Party.
50% of the proceedings will go to help school kids in Zanzibar get the essential school supplies, hire local carpenters to paint, install doors and windows and make sure children have access to clean bathrooms, especially for girls. There are multiple reasons why bathrooms are critical to girls’ education. Without private bathrooms, young girls are forced to change their sanitary pads in front of the entire washroom. Imagine being a twelve-year-old girl and having to change your pad in front of a room full of your peers!
Please support us to reach our goal and fulfill your wish to help kids who are less fortunate than ours get a better education and most importantly for kids to just be kids and have fun.
Come to our 1st Community Children’s Eid Party. Bring your kids for a day full of fun, All are welcome (Non-religious)

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