Lesson in Democracy: Obama meet President-elect Trump at the White House

President-elect Donald Trump looked humbled with the White House surroundings, as he met the outgoing President Obama to talk transition of power Thursday.

Surely, the cordial gesture by the White House towards President-elect Trump was Obama’s desire not to detract his own legacy in the remaining days of his presidency. Nonetheless, there is a crucial lesson here to be drawn for the rest of the world, when it comes to the peaceful transfer of political power.

Can other nations follow the act?

Will this public show by President Obama and President-elect Trump of putting their bitter differences aside after an antagonizing election campaign be an example for other nations, especially African nations?

Political power transition and the respect towards the will of the people in many parts of Africa have consistently been problematic. Often accompanied by a significant level of political violence.

While many Africans leaders were first to congratulate the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, now they should also take a page from the American democracy to respect the will of their people and learn to graciously give up power when their term in the office ends and not try to manipulate the constitution in order to remain in power.

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