Friday 22nd September 2017 Kenyans in Fort McMurray among the entire city's 80,000 evacuated - Wakenya Canada | MsimuliziOnline.Com

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Kenyans in Fort McMurray among the entire city’s 80,000 evacuated – Wakenya Canada

Under what is now the largest mass evacuation order in Alberta’s history, residents of Fort McMurray drove North or South depending on which direction provided the easiest exit from the inferno. So far no serious injuries have been reported and Wakenya Canada can confirm that some Kenyan residents of Fort McMurray are safe. Many headed South to Edmonton, about 500km away. Media reports say several oilsands operations north of Fort McMurray and the Fort McKay First Nation, about 65 kilometres north, had opened spaces to people who have been forced out of their homes. Gitau Arap Thuo, a Kenyadian resident of Fort McMurray went north to Fort Mackay. I reached him Wednesday morning and he shared some details of the terrifying moments.  “We are okay after driving all night to get to a safe place.” He said. “We are with thousands others in a lodge in oilsands area which have opened doors for evacuees.” Thuo tells me.  He says he is unsure how many Kenyans live in McMurray but that “I have talked to all Kenyans I know and they are heading south to Edmonton and other towns.” This slideshow requires JavaScript. Late Tuesday, provincial and fire officials named several […]

Source: Kenyans in Fort McMurray among the entire city’s 80,000 evacuated – Wakenya Canada

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