JamiiForums Co-Founder Charged with Cybercrime, denied bail (LATEST)

Cybercrime Charges laid against Melo

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Prominent Tanzanian lawyer Tundu Lisu steps in Melo’s case

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The brains behind the only whistleblower website in Tanzania was taken to the police station in Dar es salaam yesterday.

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania — Tanzanian police have searched the home and office of the co-founder of a whistleblowing website after he was arrested for not disclosing the identities of people who posted there.

Officers escorted JamiiForums co-founder Maxence Melo to his home and office Wednesday before returning him to the central police station. He was detained on Tuesday.

Melo’s lawyer, Benedict Ishabakaki, says the arrest comes after JamiiForums filed a case with the High Court of Tanzania. The case asks the court to review sections of the law that allow “extensive powers of law enforcement officers to search and seize electronic devices and computer systems.”

The police did not give details about Melo’s arrest.

Human rights groups have expressed dissatisfaction with the government of President John Magufuli on freedom of expression and other issues.


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