Highlights from today’s Tanzania Budget 2016


Maendeleo hayatakuja kwa kucheza pool na kunywa Viroba, na kupoteza wakati kwenye FACEBOOK, waziri wa fedha alipokuwa akitangaza bajeti ya 2016 Leo.


Tanzania’s Finance and Economy Minister Dkt Mpango today announced the budget that he says clears the road for Tanzania to be economic powerhouse in East African. It is a buget that will also propel the country toward industrial economy from agricultural one, he says.

For the dream to become reality Tanzanians, especially the younger generation have been urged to be steadfast in their day to day activities in order to boost the country’s economic standard.

Some have question the cash grab by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)

Somethings has to stay the same!

Love your country ask for the receipt and give out the receipt after every sale

For those who are in Diaspora

Get more….

On Education of Tanzanians..

Read the whole budget…

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