Canada’s Ethnic media Council says Liberals are following Harper’s example

The National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC) President Mr. Thomas Saras says Liberals are following Harper’s example of dodging the media.

Speaking at the NEPMCC meeting, held monthly at the Toronto City Hall. Mr. Saras recounted how difficult has been for his group to meet high ranked government officials.

“We have been requesting to meet the Prime Minister for almost a year now. every time our request is met by excuses. I’m sorry but that is unacceptable in a democracy,” Saras told Marco Mendicino, MP Eglinton-Lawrence, to a rousing applause from NEPMCC members.

He also accused Liberals of saying one thing in opposition and another in government, that seems to be the case says Saras, who never shy away speaking up and advocating for a strong ethnic media presence in Canada.

Mendicino, who earlier in his speech praised the work of the ethnic media and highlighted its place in Canada’s multicultural society. Soon the MP for Eglinton-Lawrence was on the hot seat, but listening without interrupting the NEPMCC President’s wrath of speech.

Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel

credit: Marco Mendicino Facebook page
credit: Marco Mendicino Facebook page

Mr. Saras reminded Mendicino of Harper government dark days when the Conservatives dodged the press on government’s affairs and warned the Liberals not to follow Harper’s example.

There are about six hundred and fifty newspapers and magazine today published all over Canada, serving more than twelve million Canadians from all over the world, which made Canada their home.

The role of THE NATIONAL ETHNIC PRESS AND MEDIA COUNCIL OF CANADA is to represent  the members of the foreign languages publications of Canada, on the Federal and Provincial levels and  to take a stand on fundamental questions such as the national unity, equality among Canadians, the respect of human rights, social justice and social acceptability for every citizen or Canadian resident, as well as the preservation and respect of the cultural heritage of all Canadians and finally an input in the development of the Canadian  Foreign policy.

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