Would you like to reach Swahili speaking audience including Indo, African, Arabic, Goans, newcomers and other East African communities in Canada?

Then you have come to the right place. Msimulizionline is a great avenue to reach out to potential customers in your neighbourhood and, grow your customer base with East Africans in other parts of Canada and those who often visit friends and family in Canada from the homeland.

They usually check with us first! so Consider advertising your offering. We can also promote specific, one-time event (like a sale, weekly special items, fundraiser or performance). is rapidly growing community news and information website serving East African-Canadians based in the Canadian largest metropolitan city of Toronto.

We also use the latest geo-tracking technology for advertising to your potential customers mobile phones when they are in and around your neighbourhood.

As community journalists we have the experience, insights and knowledge of where our community lives, shop, dine out, spend their leisure time and all the recent trends on the their block, street and local communities.

We want to work with you as we consider you as one of the major stakeholders in our community.

By joining hands with us and contributing to our ultimate goal as advertisers, you are helping us reach our community and you in return are reaching out to the community.

We also have a strong social media presence.

Our social media audiences are from all the communities that once called East Africa home, our strongest demographic is age 18-54.

Our journalistic approach is simple and based on community journalism, super hyper-local news and information is our bread and butter.

In short, MsimuliziOnline has in short span of time acquired unique position as a leader for community news and information for the East Africans living in Canada. It has a large subscriber & fan base from all over East Africa, Canada, UK, Scandinavia and the United States of America.


Our goal is to promote the social, economic and enhance the voice of Swahili speaking community in GTA.



Msimulizi East African Community Website

  •  $75.00 – (3.5 x 2) Business Card Size -Online (sidebar) – 2 months: 10% off, 3 : 15% off, 4  20% off* Social Agencies 50%

    • $100.00 – Large (3.5 x 3.5) square – Online (sidebar) – 2 months: 10% off, 3: 15% off, 4: 20% off* Social Agencies 50%

  • • $120.00 – Banner (2 x 10) Online (homepage) – 2: months 10% off, 3 issues: 15% off, 4: 20% off* Social Agencies 50%• $250.00

  • Sponsoring articles such as (Recipes, community news, medical advisory etc…) Flat rate: $30.00

  • Text Only: Flat rate $20.00

For more info please fill out the form with your inquiry or please contact our sales manager: 416-686-3274