Friday 22nd September 2017 Tanzanians want Odinga's daughter apologize for Olduvai gaffe | MsimuliziOnline.Com

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Tanzanians want Odinga’s daughter apologize for Olduvai gaffe

Tanzanians should take time to teach their kids of many historical sites in the country.

Update: Rosemary Odinga Mia culpa

Tanzanians have started an online petition against former Kenyan vice-president’s eldest granddaughter, Rosemary Odinga. Demanding she apologize and correct the misinformation regarding the location of the Olduvai Gorge, a world famous historical/archeology site located in Tanzania.

During her speech at International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA), miss Odinga reportedlly said: Olduvai Gorge is in Kenya.

Tanzanians who took to the social media to express their anger, are also blaming their own country for being unable to market to the world Tanzania’s many historical sites.

Pointing out insufficiency of the topic in school curriculum, education system and on Tanzanians in passing down to their kids about Tanzania’s many historical sites and history.

Tanzanians want Odinga’s daughter apologize for Olduvai gaffe

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