5 creative ways using social media to mark International women’s day


Tuesday, March 8 is International Women’s Day.

We’ve compiled 5 creative ways you could use on social media to mark the occasion. But first some context on gender equality.

Like their counterparts around the world, many East African women, home and abroad have made significant progress in essential areas.

Now, Me not only talking about Lupita alone here!

She did dazzled the hollywood and picked up the Oscar with her efforts, when she starred as a slave girl in a hollywood flick. But, Beyond hollywood, East African women have progressed in areas such as politics, business, education and in science just to name the few. The glass ceiling has definitely dented for some.

However,  women in East Africa and elsewhere are still the one who have enormous responsibility of childcare, housework and in taking care of the family compared to men. Women are also still being paid less than men for doing the same kind of work and unfortunately, many are still being sexually and mentally abused at their homes, workplace and Online.

  • 75% of all women cannot get bank loans because they have unpaid or insecure jobs and lack property ownership rights (UNDP and MWOMAN).

  • “Women perform two-thirds of the world’s work and produce half the world’s food, but earn just 10% of the income and own 1% of the property” (WfWI).

  • Women are 21% less likely than men to own a mobile phone, and therefore have lesser possibilities of communication (UNDP and MWOMAN).

Next time somebody tries to brush off these numbers you can direct them to this UN report.

So, Yes we do need the International Women’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate women’s  liberation, including achievements, sacrifices and recognition.

As we are approaching the International Women’s Day, we challenge East African men to find creative ways to celebrate this special day for women.

We’ll help! by compiling five creative ways you can use on social media to mark the day.

  1. Text to Compliment: Text to your female friends, sister, mom and wife and other women important in your life such as your high school teacher to express your gratitude to her.

  2. Selfie for her: Selfies are great way to motivate, that is if is accompanied with thoughtful and creative context. Take a selfie, express how you feel about International Women’s Day and post it on Pinterest or other social media platforms.

  3. Facebook Profile Photo: Replace your facebook profile picture with a photo of someone who has made a difference in women’s advancement in East Africa and the world. Google it!

  4. #Hashtag for her: Come up with a creative #hashtag of your own for your tweets or use ours #Msimuliziforher or choose from this top 6 Mashable #hastags for advancing gender equality.

  5. Post a Youtube Video: about women empowerment, inspiration, respect and post on your favourite social media platform, then tag all your friends to watch and get inspired, encouraged and feel satisfying for your actions. We chose this one:  The song “One Woman” was first performed at the UN General Assembly in 2011, when UN Women launched.Singers from China, Costa Rica, Mali, Malaysia and several countries in between came together to record this call for equality between the sexes.


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